As day turns to night, the sounds of animals, like birds, begin to fade at dusk. Why actually? Since the natural intelligence of all living things on the earth's surface is synchronized with the earth's frequency, the rest phase for their bodies now begins by lowering the body temperature. For other livings, such as bats, it is the other way around, as their natural intelligence steers biological activity at night!

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & Natural Intelligence Match)

All biological processes for living organisms are synchronously coordinated with System A and System B of the Earth's natural intelligence. Cold Hand & Cold Feets are the first signs and begin of the human disorders.

Day and night are different due to light frequency

Natural Intelligence rhythms (circardian) can be disrupted by global warming, when System A and System B no longer work synchronously because of the negative ion traffic! In other words; System A (head) gets warmer and System B (body) cools down more and more. These natural cycles are coordinated by light, during the day the cortisol hormone is released by the bright light and when it gets dark, the light frequencies change and the melatonin hormone is activated. As shown in the graphic, these are hormones that are activated or deactivated by light frequencies.

That's why every livings are connected to the earth's frequencies through light frequencies and resonates through its natural oscillation. When this is disturbed, daytime disturbances such as; Headaches, early menopause disorders, reduced attention due to hyperactivity and extreme daytime sleepiness due to sleep disorders, may start.
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Sleep prevention through the night module.

Natural intelligence manages brainwave synchronization according to the ever-changing world frequencies. In other words, different world frequencies operate due to sunlight, and in the dark due to the sun's light loss, world frequencies change again for all living things on the earth's surface. All life on Earth electromagnetic field exists due to the changing frequency vibration of the earth day and night. If the brain is no longer in resonance with the earth frequency day and night, body temperature cannot be optimally regulated at 37°C.

Thus, the Melatonin Hormone, which is secreted at night in response to natural dark light, cannot be secreted in time, causing sleep disorders. Therefore, to naturally trigger the secretion of melatonin, we use Night Light-Frequencies to broadcast to the corresponding hologram every night. We have developed stations for extremely low frequencies (ELF) that we can broadcast. The night module can thus produce personalized frequency waves that synchronize with the frequency resonances of the world. We recommend using the night module in parallel with Water Frequency supplements during the day.

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Nothing stops to exist in the universe, it only transforms and changes matter in the process. What connects is just the information thru light frequency. We cannot calculate complex systems like natural processes with our Cartesian logic. Our way of thinking about nature therefore remains mechanistic. This separateness is like an illusion, since at a deeper level of reality all the particles that make up all matter are one and indivisible.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & Matching Life Method)


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