What a wonderful world!
On the other hand with 8 billion population, we are currently consuming resources that cover 3 times the world. So unfortunately we have passed the point of no return. It is human nature to postpone everything. As the braking distance is too long, there is no more time left for this luxury!

We have created a wonderful world with the convenience of technology and artificial intelligence!
Unfortunately, we forgot the Nature while on this path! With climate change, chaos has increased and will continue to increase. That's why we developed the method of activating Natural Intelligence in humans, on the basis of Biological Resilience.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching & EQ Bionics)

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We offer EQ Bionics workshops for schools so that children can develop their EQ competences for a NEW WORLD.

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We offer EQ Bionics workshops on applying biological principles to the circular economy of human systems; SEE THE WHOLE! Because organizations are part of Natural Intelligence, they will need a new cyclical system that is biologically resilient and regenerative.

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EQ-Bionics will certainly play a greater role in large parts of Schools and Pedagogy as well as in Organizations and HR in the coming years. We learn from natural systems how to use complexity, the fundamental problem of human understanding, effectively. The most important driving force for this no longer comes from economics, but from complex biological sciences such as cybernetics. The world is changing so fast and organizations and new teaching methods have to adapt quickly. Completely new products, processes and organizational structures will be required for sustainable circular economy, worldwide. From our point of view, the most important innovations come from bionics, i.a. the entire field of systematic learning from nature is based on the principles of cybernetics (circular systems) i.e. natural intelligence (EQ). In this way, sustainable and unique solutions can be developed in teams through collective intelligence based on the EQ matching method.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching & EQ Bionics)

SEE THE WHOLE, not individual problems, individual parts and symptoms!

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Milyonlarca yıl süren evrim sürecinde doğa, bilgiyi eş zamanda iletebilmek için optik, mikromekanik ve elektriksel biyo-plazma kütlesi ağlarını kurmakta inanılmaz bir yetenek kazanmıştır.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching & EQ Bionics)

Three scientific foundations to our work on Natural Intelligence:


Knowledge base

It is about the optimum thermoregulation of systems A and B, so that a Living being can best implement its biological Resilience and Uniqueness with Natural Intelligence.



EQ-Matching analyzes team members' access, use and further development of their "Collective Natural Intelligence" competencies with a personal EQ Test.



With the support of EQ-Bionics Workshops, it mobilizes the collective intelligence of a team in applying nature's evolutionary, biological solutions to human systems.

No more time left!
With 8 billion population, we are currently consuming resources that cover 3 times the world. So unfortunately we have passed the point of no return. According to UN Secretary-General Guterres, global warming will therefore rise to between 1.9 and 3.3 degrees Celsius by 2030. Future generations will therefore have to live in a new world. So it's time we apply biological systems to human systems without copying nature and without further harming it. That's why we offer EQ-Bionics Workshops for schools and organizations.

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Biological resilience principle is based on information transfer in EQ-Bionics: Information is transmitted without physical and chemical contact!

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In other words, not a single cell in an organism touches each other. Therefore, we assume that Information is the real fundamental substance of the universe and all available information is tangible to any biological structure at every point of the universe. This way, within the quantum field only a hologram structure can form a pool of natural intelligence, since all biological systems can rebuild after a "chaos" due to natural intelligence. In other words; Natural Intelligence steers the Biological Resilience of a system.

*Resilience= The capacity of biological systems to respond to disruption or damage by resisting and quickly renewing themselves. In other words, in a chaos-based order, being able to adapt to mutual temperature differences.

Human systems, as the example shows the pendulum, can never run synchronously. Therefore, in connection with global warming, it's high time that we understand trough EQ-BIONICS the biological principles. Biological systems use non-linear methods that are obviously far superior to mathematical optimization methods.

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In modern homo sapiens, human technical systems appear to be superior to the evolutionary strategies of the universe. Unfortunately, we can follow this every day in the business world and in many areas of universities. But over the ages, Nature has been developing organizational forms, material diversity, process engineering and construction strategies that are far more advanced than man's existing management systems and technology products. When we try to understand anything on its own, we find that it is connected to everything else on the basis of Natural Intelligence.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder; Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching & EQ Bionics)

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