The EQ-WorkMATCHING methodology enables sustainable and effective teamwork by activating Collective Intelligence!


Learning, researching and applying is a natural intelligence that happens very creatively and magically in childhood without compulsion and on which we develop our Natural Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in our subconscious. It accompanies us throughout our live and steers our consciousness in daily decisions. All conscious learning and application (IQ) should therefore not take place in isolation and memorization in childhood, but should be synchronized with the EQ fields of competences in terms of tense and content. We offer for schools EQ-Bionics Workshops to adapt EQ-WorkMATCHING method. Teaching staff will surely be pleased.

Nurseries and primary schools are the ideal place to rapidly develop children's EQ competences. Around 200 trillion brain connections are activated during this time.
By our EQ Matching Advisor, we help you with the EQ Matching Test to analyze the children within the classes according to their competences.
With our EQ-Bionics workshop, we help you that the teams in the classes are formed based on EQ competencies in order to activate their collective EQ intelligence.
With the EQ-WorkMATCHING method, you are able to optimally steer your learning material within the team SUSTAINABLY through collective EQ-Intelligence.
With the EQ-WorkMATCHING method, you can develop collective EQ-intelligence SUSTAINABLY through project work and the workshops. Win - Win for everyone and the environment!

EQ competences are developed in 5-10 year old children by working in a team, not by playing! AN EXAMPLE:

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We offer EQ Bionics workshops to schools.

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Three scientific foundations to our work on Natural Intelligence:

Knowledge base

Everything is related to the optimal heat regulation of systems A and B so that a biological system can optimally implement its resilience and uniqueness.


EQ-Matching analyzes access, use and further develop the team members' personal EQ competencie towards "Collective Intelligence".


Activates a team's collective intelligence in applying nature's evolutionary, biological solutions to human systems.

Today's organizations are highly complex hybrids of people and technology. In biological systems, natural intelligence is constantly developed through mutation. With the EQ WorkMATCHING method, each individual's EQ competencies can be used as “Collective Intelligence” in the EQ-Workshops for sustainable team success. As a result, ideas and concepts are observed for the first time in causal chains and not just under Cartesian logic. Because nature works with non-linear principles. We go far beyond traditional sustainability thinking and lead organizations to fundamental innovations and new solutions from within.

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching Life Method)


In adult life, we transform ourselves daily due to Natural Intelligence (EQ) competence fields. In other words; whether you achieve your uniqueness in an area and develop into a talent and "star" depends primarily on your EQ competence aeras. The EQ-WorkMATCHING method activates the collective intelligence within the team and generates unique and sustainable ideas and solutions, not only for the company, but also for people and the environment. We also offer EQ-Bionics Workshops to companies and organisations, because the EQ-WorkMATCHING method can be applied quickly and easily. It can be used in all areas of an organisation.

Organizations often face a crisis when the results do not live up to expectations! Instead of "collision" sessions and seek blame, we recommend our EQ-WorkMATCHING Method.
With our EQ Matching advisers, we help you with an EQ Matching Test to analyze the team members within a working group according to their competencies.
With our EQ-Bionics workshop, we help you that the teams increase their collective intelligence based on EQ competencies and therefore become effective and successful.
By using our EQ-WorkMATCHING method, you may steer your internal processes and products/services optimally and "SUSTAINABLY" through collective intelligence.
Based on EQ-WorkMATCHING method, your entire SUPPLY CHAIN becomes even more sustainable due to collective intelligence. Win - win for everyone and the environment!

All biological systems have evolved natural intelligence through communication to survive long.

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With the EQ WorkMATCHING method, sustainable solutions are achieved from the very beginning by activating the "collective Intelligence" of each team.

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We offer EQ Bionics workshops so that organizations can activate the collective intelligence of their team members for the circular economy of human systems in order to develop sustainable solutions. SEE THE WHOLE! We are part of nature and for a new world we need a new method.

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Biological systems have developed numerous solutions that can also be used for organizations. But we do not copy Nature, instead we can learn from it every day where it shows us better and more sustainable solutions. That's why we offer EQ-Bionics Workshops. (Newton's Third Law; "The duality of forces.")

Mr. CHAAVA (Founder - Science of Body Heat & EQ Matching Life Method)

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