We are facing real challenges in terms of the health of all living beings and the vegetation. For this reason, there is no doubt in my mind that natural law prevention, without chemicals and side effects, can slow down, even stop the rapid decomposition of organic matter.

Chaava in Person
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I started developing and applying the scientific principles of cybernetics 30 years ago. In 2011 I founded the scientific basis for informational medicine and started applying Natural Law prevention programs.

Chaava (Founder)

To check if your immune system is weakening; Measure the inner and outer areas of your hand and the upper and lower areas of your foot every two days. If the temperature you get shows 35, 34 or 33 degrees, you may know that your immune system is weakened and the rapid bacterial decomposition process continues.

Rapid aging is related to chronic diseases! However, the bacterial decomposition and shrinkage process can be slowed down or even stopped by the "Mineral Frequency Technic" (MFT). Prevention is therefore possible, sensible and recommendable at every stage of physical disorders.



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We can slow down, even stop bacterial decomposition, fort the following chronic pains:

  • headache and migraines
  • flu and viral infections
  • joint pains
  • back pains
  • phantom pains
  • other pains
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • other allergic reactions
  • Psoriasis
  • Neurodermitis
  • other skin orders
  • Children autism
  • Children's ADHD
  • other unknown reactions at children
Depending on the fascial injuries on the body, the duration of the prevention program may vary! We recommend at least three to six months program duration.

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Prevention programs can help slow down the ongoing, rapid shrinking or erosion process (bacterial decomposition) of the brain cells and connections. This can improve pain, lockings, insufficiency and coordination of movements. At the first signs of Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sklerose and other Neuromuscular dysfunctions, it is recommended to sign up for the chronic prevention program.

We recommend at least six to twelve months program duration.


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Biological systems are constantly being rebuilt in order to maintain their shape and structure for a long time. The mineralized cell mass is thereby renewed again and again.

In the case of a chronic illness, the original cell and tissue structure cannot be restored because the shrinking process is progressing rapidly.

However, this bacterial decomposition process can be slowed down or even stopped by the "Mineral Frequency Technic" (MFT). Prevention is therefore possible, sensible and recommendable at every stage of physical disorders.

How does body originate heat?

All living beings and the vegetation have two systems; the primary as well as the secondary System for the entire self-regulate of their existence. The primary System A affects the electrons that generate bio-electricity in the body, in order to keep the body temperature at 37°C degrees.

The secondary System B can thereby build up biochemistry such as blood, hormones, muscles, tissues and bones. In vegetation, the principle remains the same. In other words; only the bio-electricity steers as a primary System A the cell and bacterial activity and therefore the speed of reproduction. When this process is disrupted by fascial injuries, "Rapid Biological Decomposition" starts in any kind of a biological system.

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Cell and Bacterial growth

The growth of cells and bacteria in a biological system is not one-way in one direction, but simultaneously in both directions. In a cell division, therefore, simultaneously the bacterial strains are also stimulated to growth, because growth and decomposition occur continuously and simultaneously. Therefore, brain nerve cells (root cells) are linked to the corresponding to the limb cells from the beginning and at all levels through the fascial tissue in a biological system. Nature assumes the same principle for living beings (mobile systems) as it already applies in vegetation (stationary systems).

According to Natural Law, the multiplication of pathogenic organisms and thus all types of bacteria, fungi, parasites in a body is not built up from the outside, but from the inside.

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What is biological electricity?

Fascial tissue (connective tissue) holds the body, connects muscles with joints and bones, and allows smooth and fast movements in an organism. It envelops all cells, biomolecules, organs, muscles, vessels, bones with membranes like a soap bubble.

Therefore, physically not a single cell or synapse even one molecule touches another in a body. Tha's why, only by bioelectric current through the fascial tissue, a coherent organism can arise, which can ultimately move!

Biological electricity should not be confused with artificially generated electricity. Biological electricity can only be generated by livings and the vegetation itself and therefore can not be charged by artificially generated device resonances and frequencies. In order to be able to measure this biological current at the fascial level, Natural Law has developed a scientifically based measuring concept and digital measuring instruments.

How disorders arise?

If the bioelectrical flow of the current is disturbed by fascia injuries, the "rapid biological decomposition" begins in a biological system and the standard value of 37 ° can no longer be maintained.

Fascia injuries and cuts can occur or be caused:

a) Through all types of vaccinations because they contain ingredients such as mercury, aluminum and other erosive ingredients. The fascia erosion that can result from this is similar to a hole created by a burning cigarette on a piece of paper.

b) Long-term medications can damage fascial membranes because synthetic polymers have been used in drug production since the 1970's.

c) Fascial tissue can be damaged by all types of surgical interventions (incisions): Fascial tissue is irreversibly cut through cuts. Also cosmetic surgery, caesarean sections, abortions and implants (stents, joints, dental implants).

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Nature and Bioelectricity

Due to the gravity, i.e. the gravitational pullforce in the core of the earth, electrons are constantly attracted and pushed away. This friction causes explosions in the melt and the creation of new minerals due to the cold in the upper layers of the earth. Therefore every cell, every bacterium and microorganism can renew itself again and again. That is why bioelectricity in vegetation and at all livings can be demonstrated by volt measurements.

Biological electricity should not be confused with artificially generated electricity. Biological electricity can only be generated by living beings themselves and therefore cannot be charged by artificially generated device resonances and frequencies.



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All offered services are used to activate the self-healing powers of the body and do not replace the diagnosis or treatment by a doctor. The offered services take place under exclusion of all liability and under exclusion of any warranty. All offered services do not constitute medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment. The offered services can not replace a necessary treatment with a doctor. Within the scope of the offered services, no diagnoses are made and no promises of healing are given. Each of the services takes full self-responsibility. The services offered are not yet scientifically recognised in various countries (for example; Switzerland). The Prevention-Programs have no chemistry and no side effects.